Progress on Site

Over the last year we have continued with intensive surveying of the ground conditions and ecology across the North Leigh Park development site. This work has involved digging trial pits, drilling boreholes and undertaking ecology surveys, all of which allows us to better understand the environmental conditions across the site.

The main tasks we have been working on recently include:

  1. Intensive surveys of the existing quarries that have been used a landfill;
  2. General site investigation work to assess ground and water conditions;
  3. Survey of invasive plant species Japanese Knotweed and preparation for eradication and management to control and remove the species from the site;
  4. Coal mining investigatory work to establish worked coal seams and location of various mine shafts;
  5. Capture and relocation of protected amphibian species the Great Crested Newt (which is now complete);
  6. Clearance of vegetation and trees in the first phase;
  7. Grouting of mine workings in the first phase;

Planned site works

As part of the ongoing development of the scheme we will be re-commencing earthworks on Phase 1A1 which consists of developing the area for 87 new homes. As agreed with Wigan Council, the site will remobilise on Monday 20th April 2020 which will see a continuance of works including dewatering the phase and diversion of the existing water course, soil strip, creation of new storage ponds and bulk earthworks movements in preparation of house build. The overall earthworks will last for approximately twenty weeks and subject to change if we incur poor weather and other retsrictions imposed under the COVID19 situation. Any extension to the planned programme of works will be communicated via this website.

Please refer to the link here for further details provided by our contractor, Urban Regen on recommencement of the works.

The Temporary Traffic Regulation Order to close several footpaths crossing the Phase 1A1 site was made and the footpaths are now closed except for the route from Delph Grove to the Twelve Apostles, which has been fenced in for the safety of those who are continuing to use this route. It won’t be possible to keep this as an accessible route through the construction period so we will therefore maintain the existing footpath which links the end of Abbey Lane to Nel Pan Lane. Our contractors will be carrying out improvement works to this route throughout late April and early May.

These works are being done in preparation of us closing the existing footpath from Delph Grove to Nel Pan Lane. Please note that the link from Delph Grove to Nel Pan Lane will remain open till the new footpath works are completed. Access for the works to the new footpath will be done from the bottom of Abbey Lane and the overall duration of this operation is approximately 5 weeks.

If you have any queries regarding site works please contact us at